Friday, March 23, 2012

Fabrice Muamba Soccer Player

Fabrice Muamba family thank everyone for their support for the healing of the Bolton Wanderers player.

Bobby Barnes, chairman of the Professional Footballers Association representing the family of thanks to Muamba.

"I spoke to both parents Muamba, they thought their prayers had been answered the Lord. They believe that if millions of people who pray for healing Muamba make it stay afloat until now, "he told.

Muamba suffered heart failure while playing against Tottenham in the FA Cup quarter-final, Saturday, March 17, 2012. England players U-21 is a sudden drop in the 41st minute. The match was finally stopped. Muamba immediately rushed to the London Chest Hospital.

Now his condition gradually improved. Bolton Wanderers manager Owen Coyle has even talked briefly with the foster children. However, Coyle can not be sure whether the former Birmingham City player was able to recover completely and return to play.

Coyle also said that if the family has given its blessing Muamba to Bolton to play the game against Blackburn Rovers on Saturday. Previously, the game against Aston Villa should be canceled for the England players menghomati U-21 is.

Having said that if the only close family and Bolton players are allowed to visit, like the London Chest Hospital is to allow others to see him.

This can be seen from several people who had come to see Muamba including two Chelsea players, Gary Cahill and Daniel Sturridge.

Cahill is known as Muamba teammate for four years before he moved to Chelsea earlier this year. While Sturridge had played with Muamba when he was loaned out to Bolton last season.

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